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  • Samcheon

    About Supplier

    We sincerely appreciate your genuine support and encouragement for the development of our Samcheon industry.

    Since its foundation in 1986, the company has continued to strive for ” Assuarance in quality and delivery date.” based on a thorough engineering plastic molding technology and automatization & computerization of manufacturing process.

    Also, our Samcheon industry is promoting the core value of ” value and joy ” based on the fundamentals of ” Harmony of myself and others.” Based on this, we will strive to achieve our utmost efforts to foster KNOW-HOW and continuous technology and talent development to become a GLOBAL LEADING COMPANY.

    24, Pyeongsan-ro, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

    Product List

    Top Load Washer

    Lock Motor Assembly
    Twin washer Assembly
    Leveller Assembly
    Plunger Valve Assembly
    Suspension Assy_FL

    Front Load Wahser

    Mist Nozzle Assembly
    Drain Pump Assembly
    Auto Dispenser Assembly

    Dish Wahser

    Basket Assembly
    XD Nozzle Assembly
    XD RACK Assembly
    Case Assebly (Drain Pump DC)
    Drain Hose Assembly

    Water Purifier

    Pipe Assembly
    ATOM Base Assembly
    ATOM Fan Assembly

    Styler (Smart Closet)

    Shelf Assembly
    Styler Hanger Assembly