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  • Sam-A Aluminium

    About Supplier

    Manufacturing the best quality of aluminium foil in Korea, are pursuing the world-class company with best quality by applying the advanced technology and a clean management as well as satisfying with customer's requirement with open-mind towards all the customers.

    We, Sam-A Aluminium Co., Ltd., established in 1969 with banner of localization of aluminium foil, have been doing the best to keep the leading position in the field of plain aluminium foil and converted foil by developing the advanced technology and continuous investment in R & D. On the basis of the accumulated know-how, We are ready to create new prosperity in this new 21st century.

    As a joint venture company with Toyo Aluminium K.K., a leading manufacturer of aluminium foil in Japan, We produce world-class quality of aluminium foil by means of top class technology and development capability under technical collaboration and sufficient experience between Sam-A and Toyo.

    Within happy surroundings of customer's warm-hearted concerns, We have been keeping the leading position of aluminium foil maker in Korea as well as strong export warrior to ship abroad half of total production. Keeping the company principle of faith and sincerity toward customer, We will continue to lead the field of aluminium foil and converted foil in local and export market.

    Aluminiun business consist of plain aluminium foil and converted foil. Plain aluminium foil produced at our milling factory is applied variously to general package, capacitor and cathode foil as well as to industrial use, automobile, air-conditioner, electric wires and etc. At our converting factory, aluminium foil is coated, printed and laminated with film, paper, and many kinds of other materials.

    Concentrating all our energies, we are aiming at highest quality and quick delivery by applying new milling machine having maximum width 2,000mm, together with high-tech facility and computerized production procedure. Especially, this new milling machine having width 2,000mm is the widest machine in the world as well as the 1st machine in Korea. Corresponding to new 21st century, We pursue new Knowledge Management with the implementation of integrated information network system and ERP system.

    In order to preserve the clean and green nature environment, We set up Green Management System reflected by environmentfriendly factors in all the management process from design to service, with which we will strive for performing main role of standard company enjoying the healthful life with our descendant.

    92, Pyeongtaekhang-ro, Poseung-eup, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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