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    "One Stop Solution Provider for convenient and happy life"

    Just as the purpose of robots and automation is to process difficult jobs for human beings and to make human life more convenient and plentiful, our “mission” is to “provide One Stop Solution for your convenient and happy life”. To keep growing further, Robostar has made ceaseless efforts.
    As a result, our company leads the domestic robot industry.

    Focusing on the manufacturing robots applied to various industries, such as mobile, display, automobile, semiconductor, secondary and secondary cells, Robostar expands its business to automation equipment including FPD equipment, IT parts manufacturing equipment, and semiconductor equipment.
    Equipped with global distribution networks in China, Japan, Europe, and the US, our company actively develops
    business overseas and plan to expand to South East market.

    All executives and employees of Robostar realize that your constant interest and support have led to our growth.
    To take a new leap forawrd, Robostar makes preparation step by step. To realize the goal of
    “the Global Manufacturing Robot Top 5” and grow further as a robot enterprise, all members of Robostar
    will continue to work hard.
    For your reliability, all executives and employees of Robostar will do the best.

    700, Suin-ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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