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    We, Rancomm Technologies Inc., started our business in the year 2013 with passion to improve the quality of people's lives by inventing new ways to enhance communication around the globe.

    As the starting point, we focused mainly on the product lineup of wireless repeaters for mobile communications, a field in which our members have a lot of experience and a successful track record.

    Most of our personnel are former engineers of WITHUS Co., Ltd., which was one of the most successful repeater companies in Korea through closed their business in 2013. While working at WITHUS, we developed dozens of ICS repeaters, which were supplied to global market in significant volumes. During that period, we introduced innovative models such as the world-first LTE ICS in 2009, the world-first DPD-ICS in 2010 and dual mode antenna-embedded ICS repeaters in 2011.

    During the first year after the establishment of Rancomm Technologies, we further developed our original technologies for interference cancellation applicable to wireless repeaters. The new version has a better performance and higher value than ever before. We have then started to launch commercial products since 2015.

    We are confident of being the best in the industry with specialty in systems, algorithms, software and hardware for signal processing required for ICS repeaters. We know how to convert an idea to reality and theory to practice, and implement the highest quality products to satisfy customers' requirements.

    We will constantly devote ourselves to create innovative technologies for better communications everywhere in the world.

    107, Gwanggyo-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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