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  • PNT


    About Supplier

    To pursue people-orienting and professional technology as harmony human with technology

    We promise to make product for satisfaction to our customers, with "People & Technology" management ! PNT Inc. promises to get close to you with more improved quality and service to pay you back for your trust and love. Not only seeking a profit, We will also keep on trying to be a company trusted and loved by customers.

    We will continue to meet the diverse needs of our customers in a wide field.

    PNT Inc. will be a global No.1 company that can give good impression and faith to our customers with our Technology & challenging sprit. Also We plan to spur acknowledged for having the best technology in overseas markets as well as in the domestic.

    We will seek 'Open-Management' to cope with rapidly changing business environment through technology development and management innovation.

    We want your continuous interest and love to be born again as a global No.1 Company.

    86-69, 1gongdan-ro, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

    Product List

    Film Division

    Touch Film
    Performance Film
    Optical Film
    Polarizing Film
    Base Film
    Offset Sheet

    Battery Division & Copper Division

    Secondary Cell
    Separation Film
    Copper Foil

    Non-Woven Division & Water Division

    Non-Woven Division
    Water Division