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    PJP TECH has been established in 2004 with a big dream of becoming a first-class company in the semiconductor sector, and grown and developed as a global company by continuous change and innovation.

    PJP TECH has been developed by valuing the importance of technology and customized response as the most important and striving for customer satisfaction.

    Since we have developed solutions for semiconductor EPI/CVD/LED, we have been widely supplying domestic and overseas semiconductor LEDs and LCDs from 125mm to 300mm and expanding the business area. Currently, we have been ranked as a market leader.

    In addition, we have established a product sales and rapid servicing system for customer satisfaction in overseas networks China, USA, Europe, Singapore, and Japan.

    World-class Specialty in EPI and CVD equipment

    PJP TECH has been pursuing specialization and concentration in the business area with the goal of EPI/CVD Global No.1 in 2025.

    We will keep our role as the best EPI/CVD company by professional business strategies, management, and evaluating for subsidiaries. At the same time, we will expand communication service and explore investment opportunities for energy and environment in the future.

    We are committed to do the best to create value for the world and the future.

    36-2, Hagal-ro 86beon-gil, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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