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    The fastest growing AFM company with the largest resources.

    Park Systems strives everyday to live up to the innovative spirit of its beginnings. Throughout our long history, we have honored our commitment to providing the most accurate and yet very easy to use AFMs, with revolutionary features like True Non-Contact™ mode, and many automated software. We are not simply content to rest on our past success. All of our products are designed with same care and creativity that went into our first, allowing you to focus on getting results without worrying about the integrity of your tools.

    After over quarter century of continuous growth and product innovation, Park has the longest history of AFM business in the industry. The company has developed a global sales network of over 30 countries and has more than 1000 AFMs in use around the world. It is the fastest growing AFM company with more than 120 full time employees dedicated to producing the most accurate and easiest to use AFMs.

    109, Gwanggyo-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    For Research

    Small Sample AFM
    Park NX-Hivac
    Small Sample AFM
    Park NX-10
    Small Sample AFM
    Park XE7
    Large Sample AFM
    Park NX20 300mm
    Large Sample AFM
    Park NX20
    Large Sample AFM
    Park XE15
    Park AFM Modes
    Park AFM Options
    Park SmartScan™

    For Industrial

    Automated AFM
    Park 3DM Series
    Automated AFM
    Park Wafer Series
    Automated AFM
    Park HDM Series
    Automated AFM
    Park PTR Series

    Bio and Chemical

    Bio AFM and SICM
    Park NX-Bio
    Bio AFM and SICM
    Park NX-10 SICM
    Bio AFM and SICM
    Park NX12