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    About Supplier

    P&S Technology company was established in 1997. Our company is professional corporation in the manufacturing of image processing inspection instruments that inspect glass bottle, PET bottle, beverage can products.

    Our instruments inspect in manufacturing fields without direct contact with the products. So there is no change in products during the inspection. If there is any undesired material, the bottle can be rejected automatically. And also our instruments replace the existing human inspection that can be compared with precise and high speed inspection image processing inspection machine. With these benefits, customer can get the effect of cost down and productivity enhancements, uniform quality in their manufacturing fields.

    Especially in beverage, food and pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing line speed is about 600 or 800 bottles per minutes. And many companies in those industry use expensive foreign made inspection machine. But now our inspection instruments are used in Korean big companies such as Hyosung and Lotte.

    Empty Bottle Whole Surface Inspection Machine for PET bottle and glass bottle is the name of our new inspection instruments that inspect mouth top, neck outside wall, neck inside wall, foreign material in body, bottom, neck dimension, and leakage of the pin hole. This machine can be adjusted with several kinds of bottles from 0.35L to 1.5L.

    Our P&S Technology Company is not satisfied with these achievements and will devote oneself to the development of products in order to fulfill our customers introduction needs.

    261, Daeji-ro, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List


    3 wheels rotary type whole surface inspection machine
    PS-21GP Series
    3 wheels rotary type whole surface inspection machine
    PS-21RWP Series
    Preform Sampling Inspection machine
    PS-21 SP
    Top Sealing Surface inspection machine
    Neck area inspection machine
    Neck handling type inspection machine

    PET Bottle

    Neck Finish & Basement inspection machine
    PS-21TB Series
    3 wheels rotary type whole surface inspection machine
    PS-21RP Series
    Insert type of Empty PET Bottle Inspection machine in Blow Machine
    Rotary Type PET Bottle Whole Surface Inspection And Leakage Detect System
    3 wheels rotary type Leak inspection machine
    PS-21RPLV Series

    Glass Bottle

    3 Wheel Rotary Type whole surface Inspection machine for Glass Bottle
    Linear type Neck Finish and Bottom only Inspection machine for Glass Bottle
    Linear type Glass Bottle Body Inspection machine

    Filled Bottle

    Date coding Inspection machine
    PS-21DC S2
    Cap sealing and Filled level Inspection machine for Filled bottle
    PS-21 C S2
    Filled Bottle inspection system


    Can Seaming Condition Measuring machine
    Can Lid inner/outer surface Automatic Inspection machine
    PS-21 ED S2

    Cap Closure

    Bottle closure outer surface Automatic Inspection machine
    PS-21 EC Hyper 1000
    Cap Closure Internal Inspection Machine
    PS-21EC T 1000
    Bottle closure inner/outer surface Automatic Inspection machine
    PS-21 EC S2 2000