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  • Onnuri Plan

    Onnuri Plan

    About Supplier

    We strive for excellence in creating respirator masks using innovative technology to provide a safe environment for workers

    Onnuriplan specializes in respiratory protective devices since 2001. We inspired to provide a safe work environment using innovative technology. We strive to develop high-end respiratory devices through continuous research and development.
    We are a growing technology intensive enterprise in located in South Korea. We continuously seek for opportunities to expand into the international market.

    We supply respirator masks to Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), Samsung Heavy Industry (SHI), and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME); Korea’s top No.1, 2 and 3 conglomerates that are well-recognized in the world. 

    We are always attentive to our customers’ needs in order to provide the best respiratory protective devices to the world.

    8, Hwanggeum-ro 274beon-gil, Yangchon-eup, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Dust Mask

    ONSM3000 / ZERO-D1
    ONSM3000 / ZERO-DS
    ONSM3100 / ZERO-DW1
    ONSM2000 / ZERO-D1
    ONSM2000 / ZERO-DS
    ONDW850R-2 / 2N

    Gas Mask

    ONSM3000 / ZERO-G172
    ONSM3000 / ZERO-G162
    ONSM3000 / ZERO-G112
    ONSM3000 / ZERO-G202
    ONSM3000 / ZERO-G102
    ONSM2000 / ZERO-G102
    ONDW750 / ZERO-G302
    ONSM1100 / ZERO-G362
    ONSM1100 / ZERO-G312
    ONSM1100 / ZERO-G302
    ONSM1100 / ZERO-G301
    ONSM1000 / ZERO-G101

    Dual-Use Mask

    ONSM3000 / ZERO-GD202
    ONSM3000 / ZERO-GD102
    ONSM3000 / ZERO-GD112
    ONSM3000 / ZERO-GD162
    ONSM2000 / ZERO-GD102
    ONSM1100 / ZERO-GD302
    ONSM1100 / ZERO-GD301
    ONSM1100 / ZERO-GD362
    ONSM1100 / ZERO-GD312
    ONSM1000 / ZERO-GD101


    Mask Cover