The management concept for Oiles Corporation Group is "to become a world leader as a general manufacturer of oil-less bearings and serve society through technology."

This management concept is the foundation of our management style, based on the spirit and aspirations of our establishment to "master core technology such as friction, wear, and lubrication through innovative research and development, deploy this technology globally, and serve society."

By considering bearings as "BEAR" (to endure, to support, to convey and to carry) from a broader perspective, rather than simply positioning them as one mechanical component, we have been created our products that society needs with our unique technology in all ages. Our mainstay product, "Oilless bearings," is an environment-friendly indispensable part that does not need refueling or reduces the number of refueling cycles. As mechanical element parts that reduce maintenance and save energy, our bearings are used in an extremely wide range of fields, not only for mechanical devices such as automobiles, construction machinery, information equipment, and production equipment, but also structures such as dams and water gates.

In addition, the business of our corporate group has been developed into "seismic isolation/damping device" that reduces damage to buildings due to large-scale earthquakes by adding damping technology that controls vibration to the tribology technology cultivated with oilless bearings, and has also been developed into "smoke exhaust/ventilation system" that ensures safety in the event of a fire, and has come to support the maintenance and development of urban functions and social infrastructure by applying our tribology technology.

Our corporate group has three main businesses: bearing equipment, structural equipment, and architectural equipment.

From the perspective of contributing to the reduction of environmental load by energy saving, and also providing "safety," and "comfort" to society, the business itself has a high degree of social contribution, and we believe that this is the meaning of existence of our corporate group. And we will continue to develop products that are indispensable for our customers to become "the world's first" and "the world's best” and will continue to take on the insatiable challenge of contributing to the sustainable development of society.


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