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  • NTS


    About Supplier

    NTS is a young company challenging the limits, growing with the history of world LED and semiconductor industries under the philosophy of “We can grow as much as we change, and we can succeed as much as we are differentiated” while repeating innovation.

    The world that mankind is dreamed of since long time ago is being created using LED displays and semi-conductors and correspondingly, NTS is playing a role for the better world through the cutting edge technology development and equipment manufacturing with the united heart of all executives and staff members.

    NTS, as the LED wafer manufacturing and LED Thinning area technology leading company, is leading the world LED and semi-conductor industries with the challenging spirit to generate the continuous new growth engine and unlimited passion for the world best quality and technology. Moreover, NTS is recognized to the world recently with IWTS (Innovative Wafer Thinning System) and IWPS (Innovative Wafer Polishing System).

    We are providing the competitive product and solutions based on the world best R&D investment. In addition to this, NTS is planning to introduce equipments that various technologies are harmoniously combined to the market continuously without limiting the development to the particular equipment market.

    I would like to promise that NTS will do our best to maintain the future oriented partnership with the customers with the entrepreneurial spirit that considers the customer satisfaction as the first priority and to provide the best value to the society.

    We will provide the optimized total solution to improve the product quality and minimize the cost based on this cooperative relationship.

    In order to accomplish this, NTS will enforce the capability for each business area and build up the organized global administrative system to react the market change aggressively.

    We will be the trusted organization and do our best to lead the future through the development of both of world and domestic market.

    378, Namdong-daero, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea

    Product List


    NSDG Series
    NSDL Series
    NSDD Series
    양면 CMP
    NSDC Series
    NFB Series
    단면 DMP
    NSD Series
    단면 CMP
    NSC Series


    세미오토 본딩
    NSB Series
    풀오토 본딩
    NFB Series
    세미오토 그라인딩
    NSG Series
    풀오토 그라인딩
    NFG Series
    세미오토 래핑
    NSL Series
    풀오토 래핑
    NFL Series
    세미오토 CMP
    NSC Series
    풀오토 CMP
    NFC Series


    Diamond Grinding Wheel
    Lapping Plate
    Ceramic Block
    Condition Ring
    Facing Bite
    Dressing Stone