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  • NES


    About Supplier


    NES was founded in 2011 and mainly manufactures and supplies industrial machinery required for industrial plants and power generation facilities in Japan and the Middle East., as well as Expansion Joint, Damper, Duct, Vessel/Tank etc. The excellence of the product is recognized.

    NES, which holds many invention patents for Expansion Joint and Damper, delivers the best quality products at reasonable prices on time for delivery.



    Nes is an industrial plant / power plant specializing in providing the best service with excellent technology and the best quality.

    Our main items are DAMPER, EXPANSION JOINT, DUCT, VESSEL / TANK, and we are maximizing our production capacity with steady facility investment.

    Sales and demand are also steadily rising. In addition to major production items, orders for facilities / products continue to rise.

    Among the supply items, LEAKLESS DAMPER has been proved by the production technology different from other companies and the EXPANSION JOINT is also being recognized by the customers for the differentiation of the molding method and conducting sales activities.

    Also, We are making technological innovation through active investment in R & D.


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    7-45, Inje-ro 611beon-gil, Saengnim-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

    Product List

    Metal Expansion Joint

    Cylinder Type, Gimbal Type
    Power Plant
    Flexible Hose
    Tema Bellows
    Rectangular Type
    Miter Corner Type, Round Corner Type
    Pressure Blance Type
    Reinforced Ring Type
    Tie Rod Type
    Universal Unreinforced Type
    Flange End Type, Weld End Type
    Single Unreinforced Type
    Flange End Type, Weld End Type

    Non Metallic Expansion Joint

    Rubber Type
    Fabric Type


    SCR System (No Leak Damper)
    Scrubber System (Seal Air Damper)
    Poppet Valve, Double Flap Damper
    High Temperature Damper
    Castable Type, Ceramic Type
    3-Way Damper
    Leakless Damper


    Gas pipe duct, Gas pipe, Recuperator, Water tank