NANOPOLY is a professional consulting company specializing in Nano Convergence-Technology that integrates ET(Environment Technology), BT(Bio Technology) and IT(Information Technology).

NANOPOLY supplies Nano-materials and provides technical support to you and your products, and especially NANOMIX™ is an antimicrobial colloid composed of silver nanoparticles and exhibits excellent antimicrobial efficacy to a wide spectrum of microorganisms.

On reflection, we deeply appreciate the support and cooperation from all our valued customers during the development of our products. Based on these practical collaborations and real life experience, NANOPOLY have successfully developed an extensive range of superior application technologies. These applications include Nanosilver mobile phone, antimicrobial water based pharmaceuticals, antiseptic-free water tissue, environmental friendly paints for vessel, Fertilizer-free antimicrobial water for agriculture, antimicrobial ceramic ware, antimicrobial textiles and transparent / antimicrobial plastics.

Again, while these applications have been developed with our existing customers, we believe very strongly that the impressive results achieved should be enjoyed by all. This ins our invitation to you. Besides NANOMIX™, NANOPOLY will develop and apply other nano particles (Pt, Au, Cu, Mn, Mo, Ni, Zn, Co, Ge, Se, W, Ca and etc.) and apply to Plastics, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Food, Industrial, Agricultural, Live stock industry, Aquaculture and many other commercial products.

We would continue to develop outstanding technologies of Nano Technology combined to BT, IT and ET to meet our customers' satisfaction. And it would be our pleasure to become your R&D center to develop many applications for your needs.


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