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    About Supplier

    The way NamKwang H&P proceeds is of the sustained efforts and technology development.

    The way NamKwang H&P proceeds is of the cooperated satisfaction and shared success with our partners.

    The way you and NamKwang H&P proceeds is of the futuristic visions and the pursuit of happiness.

    As a leading company of the 21st century, NamKwang H&P will be with you whenever you need our advanced technologies and services. We promise to exert the best efforts to promote the automation and development of your system, while maximizing your satisfaction by introducing the best A/S services.

    NamKwang H&P is specialized to produce custom-built hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders as well as building hydraulic cutting machines and hydraulic catapults, securing the core technologies encompassing whole industrial fields. Since we have performed everything from design to manufacture and installation our promise to keep the leading edge of the hydraulic cylinder industry will be always trust worthy.

    59, Seokjeong-ro 343beon-gil, Michuhol-gu, Incheon, Korea

    Product List

    Hydraulic Cylinder

    Hydraulic Cylinder (Regular Type)
    NKC-H1 Series
    Hydraulic Cylinder (High Pressure Type)
    NKC-H2 Series
    Hydraulic Cylinder (Iron Facility Type)
    NKC-HMS Series
    Hydraulic Cylinder (High Iron Facility)
    NKC-HMC Series
    Hydraulic Cylinder (Compact Type)
    NKC-HCP Series
    Hydraulic Cylinder (Telescope)
    NKC-HTS Series
    유압실린더 (필터 프레스 실린더)

    Pneumatic Cylinder

    Pneumatic Cylinder
    NKC-AG Series
    Large Pneumatic
    NKC-AL Series
    Pneumatic Cylinder (Booster)
    NKC-ABS Series