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  • Myung Seong

    About Supplier

    Myung Seong Co, Ltd. is the leading company in the field of designing, manufacturing, and installing automated systems which cover the entire process from preprocessing to washing, sterilizing, drying, processing, and packing.

    Myung Seong has developed a variety of production lines in oreder to cope with domestic agricultural and fishery products, With extensive experience of the facilities, Myung Seong offers full consultation with the customer in advance to suggest the most suitable line for the customer so that the customer can use the facilities more conveniently and also manufactures the system with the materials that comlpy with HACCP facilities to set the new standards for large food suppliers and school meal service facilities. Myung Seong is also sparing no effort for overseas exportation, new technology sourcing, and the investment in technological developments through the training in overseas partners.

    Myung Seong signed the exclusive license contract for domestic distribution with EMURA, the No. 1 company in the slicer and dicer industry and has been supplying excellent slicers and dicers of EMURA in Korea. Myung Seong also proviodes the repair and follow-up services directly so that custmoers can alwasys use the products conveniently.

    Myung Seong's corporate philosophy is "Customer Orientedness is Customer Satisfaction." To bring satisfaction to customers, Myung Seong considers not only the economic feasibility of customers but also the health of consumers. Also, Myung Seong will continue to maximize its capabilities through the effective quality management system to lead the rapid chages in the market with the technology.

    283, Hagye-ro, Jinyeong-eup, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

    Product List

    Agricultural Pretreatment System

    Ginger Washing and Peeling System
    Extraction and Concentration System
    Food Service Preprocessing System
    Kimchi Production System
    Potato Washing and Peeling System
    Hot Pepper Processing System
    Sweet Potato Washing and Packing System

    Agricultural Products Washing Line

    Ginseng Washing Line
    Green Onion and Chives Peeling Line
    Cherry Tomato and Plum Washing Line
    Apple Washing Line
    Fruit Juice Extraction Line
    Mixed Grains Crushing Line
    Multiple Steaming Washing Line
    Vortex Washing Line
    Automatic Basket Type Washing Line

    Single-unit Machines

    Wet Crusher
    Burdock Peeler
    Rectangular Basket Dryer
    Round Basket Spin Dryer
    Electrolytic Sterilizing Water Maker
    Onion Peeler
    Chinese Cabbage Core Remover
    Batch Type Brush Washer
    Weighing Basket Stand
    Sludge Compressor
    Dry Crusher
    Garlic Peeler

    Packaging Machines

    Automatic Packing Machine (Computer Scale)
    Nozzle Type Vacuum Packing Machine
    Metal Detector
    Paired Vacuum Packing Machine
    IWO6A Three-Side Packing Machine
    Lettuce Packing Machine
    Pillow Type Tray Packing Machine-Top Type
    Horizontal Band Sealer
    Cup Sealer (Automatic Container Packing Machine)
    Plastic Wrap Packing Machine
    Latest Automatic Boxing, Taping Machine

    Cutting Machines

    Multipurpose Small Slicer
    Multipurpose Small Slicer
    Vertical Electric Slicer
    Small Electric Shredder
    Small Electric Slicer