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  • Myung Jin

    Myung Jin

    About Supplier

    Myung Jin Industrial Corp. striving for the pioneer in the field of advanced Architectural culture and top-eng quality of exterior materials is the company that is willing to do the best to embody customers’ maximum interests, coping with their demand optimally and effectively.

    Myung Jin Industrial Corp. MANUFACTURES Roll Forming Machines for construction materials (subsidiary materials) based on long outstanding presence and a great wealth of technology. In particular, we can customize the C/S U-bar Forming Machine according to diverse orders of our customers. Under no circumstances, we definitely observe the date of delivery and are always in place to provide a higher quality level of A/S.

    From now on, Myung Jin Industrial Corp, resolutely make every effort to maintain top-end quality and develop new products through persistent investment in plant and equipment and never-ceasing R&D. Therefore, we are prepared to grow in quantity and quality with our customers.

    53, Techno 8-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea

    Product List


    PE 폼판넬
    EPS 판넬
    그라스울 판넬
    우레탄 판넬
    천정제 (스팬드럴)
    기와형 부속자재
    리모델링 하우스


    C/S U-Bar
    Roll Forming
    Electric Furnace
    F/S Forming
    Subsidiary Materials
    Roofing Tile Forming Machine