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    About Supplier

    Since the founding in 2000, MTSE Co., Ltd. have steadily tried to supply the most advanded eqipments and high-end technology assistance in the field of motion controlling. Furthermore MTSE doesn't hesitated to develop cuntomized offer for each segment to support customers to improve the performance with ledd energy consumption for cost effectiveness, reducing CO2 emission for eco-frendly products.

    Combination of technology and experience lead MTSE to develop the high quality of linear motion system. With the new design concept, smart actuator. It can be characterized by high precision and repeatable positioning, strong shock-load resistance, high duty cycle, lesser noise, longer lifetime and compacted package.

    Smart actuator are categorized by ball screw, lead screw and roller screw. It can be equipped with wide range of motors(servo motor, stepper motor, BLDC motor) in accordance with the application requirements.

    why don't you click each of the product line-up for more information and feel to contact us to optimize your application with smart actuator.

    655, Pyeongcheon-ro, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Smart Actuator

    S-SB Series
    Option Type
    Smart Actuator Expanation
    Option Type
    S-SL Series
    H-HB Series
    H-HR Series

    Yaskawa Servo

    SGDV Amplifier Analogue Voltage Pulse Train Reference Type
    SGDV Amplifier MECHATROLINK-II Communications Reference Type
    SGMAV Type
    SGMAV Type
    SGMJV Type
    SGLCW Series (Cylinder type)
    SGLFW Series (With F-Type Iron Core)
    SGLGW Series (Coreless Type)
    SGLTW Series (With T-Type Iron Core)
    Yaskawa Servo Explanation