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    About Supplier

    MOSEONG CO., LTD. has been established In 1986. We have been supplying various kinds of Plastic Bag Making Machine to the world.

    The company carries a variety of bag making machines, including bottom seal, side seal, double bottom seal and one side opened seal bag making machines, that is able to produce T-shirt bag,merchandise bag, zipper bag, pre-opened bag, square bottom bag, garbage bag and alll kinds of sealing & cutting machine for plastic industry.

    Especially, Multifunctional side-sealing bag making machine and Sandwich Bag Making Machine can provide high quality and high automatical production lines that save customer's money and labor cost in all kinds of bags on roll products.

    We place great emphasis on research and development. Searching for new and better way to improve our machines. We are sure that we can provide good machine performance & good profit to our customers.

    By Research & Development, We will make efforts to offer our original and attractive machine in future.Our commitment to new product development and partner relationships is stronger today than ever before

    344, Docheogwit-ro, Docheok-myeon, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Multi-Functional Side Sealing Machine & Sleeve Seaming Machine

    Sleeve Seaming Machine
    Multi-Functional Side Sealing Machine

    Bag Making Machine

    Center Seal & Gusset Machine
    Multi-Functional Three Side Sealing Bag Making Machine
    2 Side Sealing Machine
    Stand-up Pouch & Zipper Bag Machine

    The Others

    Inspection Machine
    Roll Tissue Bag Making Machine
    Zipper Side Sealing Bag Machine
    Sandwich Bag Machine
    Open Cutter
    MS-520 Slitter