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  • MID

    About Supplier

    442, Daegonnam-ro, Daegot-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Cross Roller Linear Guide

    MVRM Series
    MVR Series

    Cross Roller Table

    MVRT-A Series
    MVRT Series
    MVRU Series
    MBS Series

    Miniature Ball Slide Pack

    MBSP Series

    Miniature LM Guide

    MSMG-SL Series
    MSMG-W Series
    MSMG-S Series
    MSMG-WL Series

    Cross Roller Gonio Guide

    MVRG Series

    Cross Roller Rotary Guide

    MRU Series
    MRB Series

    Other Applications

    Cross Roller Guide Durability Tester
    Ball Screw Type XY-table
    Broaching Machine MB Series
    Needle Roller MNR Series