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  • Microfilter


    About Supplier

    Since established in 1996, our company has been manufacturing and distributing premium residential and commercial water filtration products. Under the concept of creating higher ‘Customer & Environmental Value’, MICROFILTER has always provided world's finest products with our challenging and pioneering spirits in residential and commercial water filter. With these efforts, we became a leading company in the water filtration industry in Korea and now we are striving to enhance our capability to produce the most cost effective and flawless products throughout the world with our expert team of top-notch R&D/QA engineers, production supervisors, and sales/marketing professionals.

    We ask for your continuous support and encouragement as Microfilter pursues new challenges with enthusiasm in the residential and commercial water filtration fields, with its limitless potential. And all our employees will endeavor and cooperate together so that Microfilter may grow into a Top Tier that leads the future global market.

    15-1, Gwinong 3-gil, Deoksan-myeon, Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

    Product List

    Under The Sink

    Filter Cartridge 11 Inch
    U1 Hanger Type Ro System
    M9 Stand Type 4 Stage Ro System (Pump Type)
    M9 Stand Type 4 Stage Ro System (ASD Type)
    M9 Hanger Type 4 Stage Ro System
    M9 Hanger Type 4 Stage UF System
    M9 Hanger Type 3 Stage UF System
    M9 Hanger Type 2 Stage System
    M9 Hanger Type 1 Stage System
    Filter Cartridge 13 Inch (NSF)
    Filter Cartridge 13 Inch

    Commercial System

    Fluux 3 Stage System
    Fluux 2 Stage System
    Fluux 1 Stage System
    Fluux Filter Cartridge 17 Inch
    Fluux Filter Cartridge 10 Inch
    All-in-One Filtration System
    HF-AIO Series
    Ion Exchange
    HF-IER Series
    DS Multi Filter
    HF-DMD Series
    DS+RO System
    MC+Nano System
    Sediment + Carbon Filter

    POU Filters

    Ambient Water Purifier
    Refrigerator Water Filter

    UV sterillzer

    6W UV Sterilizer Filter
    4W UV Sterilizer Filter
    UV Sterilizer Filter