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    401-9, Dongbuk-ro, Daedong-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

    Product List


    쿄규토(KYOKUTOH) 팁드레셔
    YASKAWA 200kg Handling Robot(붕치형) (Model Year 2003)
    EX200R, XRC(붕치형)
    YASKAWA 350kg Handling Robot (Model Year 2004)
    UP350, XRC
    YASKAWA 400kg Handling Robot (Model Year 2004)
    UP400R, XRC
    YASKAWA 165kg Handling Robot (Model Year 2004)
    ES165R, XRC
    YASKAWA 200kg SPOTFUN Welding Robot (Model Year 2006)
    ES200N, NX100
    YASKAWA 200kg 가반 로보트 (Model Year 2006)
    ES200RN, NX100
    YASKAWA 165kg Handling Robot (Model Year 2003)
    ES165, XRC
    YASKAWA 165kg Automation Robot (Model Year 2007)
    ES165N, NX100
    YASKAWA 100kg Long Arm Robot (Model Year 2006)
    CR165-100, XRC
    YASKAWA 165kg Yaskawa Robot (Model Year 2006)
    HP165, NX100
    YASKAWA 400kg 가반 로보트 (Model Year 2006)
    UP400RN, NX100
    YASKAWA 300kg 파렛타이즈 핸들링 로보트 (Model Year 2011)
    MPL300, NX100
    YASKAWA 160kg 파렛타이즈 로보트 (Model Year 2012)
    MPL160, NX100
    YASKAWA 165kg Waskawa Robot(SERVOGUN) (Model Year 2004)
    ES165N, NX100
    YASKAWA 200KG 가반 Waskawa Servogun Robot (Model Year 2004)
    ES200N, NX100
    YASKAWA 165kg Yaskawa Robot (Model Year 2008)
    ES165N, NX100
    YASKAWA 15-Axis Cooperative Robot (Model Year 2009)
    YASKAWA 10kg가반 15-axis Robot with both arms (Model Year 2008)
    SDA10, NX100
    YASKAWA 165kg Yaskawa Robot (UP165) (Model Year 2000)
    UP165, XRC
    YASKAWA 20kg 가반 Long Arm Handling Robot(XRC) (Model Year 2004)
    UP20M, XRC
    NACHI Robot Teaching Pendant (Model Year 1991)
    NACHI 133kg Handling Robot (Model Year 2006)
    SH-133, AX10-5000
    NACHI Extra large 400kg Handling Robot (Model Year 2006)
    SC400L, AX-C
    NACHI 166kg Nachi Automation Robot (Model Year 2005)
    SH166, AX-(166kg)
    NACHI 166kg Nachi Automation Robot (Model Year 2011, 2008)
    ST166F, ST166, AX-20
    NACHI 166kg Nachi Automation Robot (Model Year 2011)
    ST166TF, AX-20
    NACHI 200kg Nachi Handling Robot (Model Year 2002)
    SH200, AW10-60
    NACHI FLEXHAND,SLIDE Handling Robot (Model Year 2013)
    SRA100, FD11
    NACHI 210kg 가반 Nachi Robot (Model Year 2013)
    SRA210, FD11
    KAWASAKI 30KG Long Arm Robot(Slide) (Model Year 2007)
    FS30L, D CON
    KAWASAKI 10KG Long Arm Robot( (Model Year 2005)
    FS10L, D CON
    KAWASAKI 100kg 가반 Robot (Model Year 2011)
    BX100N, E-22G
    KAWASAKI 200kg 가반 Kawasaki Robot (Model Year 2011)
    BX200L, E-22F
    MITSUBISHI 3kg 가반 Handling Robot (Model Year 2010)
    RV-2SQ, CR1QA-772
    DAIHEN 50kg 가반 Handling Robot (Model Year 2004)
    MV-50, AX-C
    FANUC 160kg Handling Robot (Model Year 1998)
    S-420iW, R-J2
    FANUC 50kg Packing Robot(High Speed) (Model Year 2007)
    M-421iA, R-J3iC
    FANUC 200kg 붕치형 로보트 (Model Year2005)
    R-2000iA/200R, R-J3iB
    FANUC 붕치형 로보트 (Model Year2008)
    R-2000iB/200R, R-30iA
    FANUC 6-Joint Painting Robot (Model Year2008)
    P-50iA, R-30iA
    FANUC 350kg Handling Robot (Model Year2015)
    M-900iA/350, R-30iB
    FANUC 가반 FANUC Long Arm Robot (Model Year2011)
    M-710iC/20L, R-30iA
    FANUC 210kg 겐코츠 로보트 (Model Year2014)
    M-1iA/0.5S, R-30iB Mate
    FANUC 210kg 가반 화낙 로보트 (Model Year2007)
    R-2000iB/210F, R-J3iC
    FANUC 210kg Handling Robot (FANUC) (Model Year2006)
    R-2000iA/210F, R-J3iB
    FANUC 125kg Long Arm Handling Robot (Model Year2010)
    R-2000iB/125L, R-30iA
    FANUC 210kg가반 화낙 로보트 (Model Year2011)
    R-2000iB/165F, R-30iA
    FANUC 165kg Handling Robot(FANUC) (Model Year 2009)
    R-2000iB/165F, R-30iA
    FANUC 20kg가반 화낙 천정무빙 로보트 (Model Year 2011)
    M-20iA/20T, R-30iA
    FANUC 5kg Handling Robot (Model Year 2006)
    LR MATE 200iB, R-J3iB