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  • MetalGenTech


    About Supplier

    MetalGenTech, founded in 2008, is specialized engineering service company based on fluid dynamics, structural mechanics with strong metallurgical background.
    We have been provided solution for our customers in terms of process optimization, quality control and design engineering at various industrial fields.

    MetalGenTech is also putting the core competencies into the innovative product development such as creative baffle system for power plant in order to trap dust, active electric steam trap for preventing steam leakage and other clever designed component.

    Our imagination is beyond your dream and we will fulfill your unmet needs.

    219, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Product List

    Engineering Service

    Ironmaking & Smelting
    Steelmaking & Refining
    Continuous Casting
    Die Casting
    Lost Foam
    Fuel Cell
    Wind Tunnel
    Engineering Simulator
    Process Simulation

    Power Plant & Energy

    Baffle System in Economizer Hopper
    Bypass System
    Electric Steam Trap

    Measuring Device

    Width Directional Temperature Measuring System
    Ultrasonic Velocity Profiling
    New Business