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    Times have substantially changed through the remarkable progress of science and technical innovation.

    A rich life and conveniences of life have been pursued and fulfilled in many respects, but on the other hand, the problem of limited energy resources has recently been a major concern.

    We, at MEIJI, have been developing air compressors, painting apparatus, painting equipment, and so on, and tackling an unlimited energy resource - “air” - for more than 80 years since its inception, pursuing the possibility of making full use of the unlimited resource and the possibility of energy cost savings, and we are proud of the fact that the pursuit has obtained excellent results.

    This is all because of expertise that comes from more than 80 years of our rich experience and of your continued help and guidance, for which we should be really grateful.

    MEIJI has developed unique technology as a pioneer in Japan’s air technique field and has made every effort to make the unique technology help to establish communications between society and livelihood. However, perfection does not exist in the world of technology.

    Making “AIRMATION” our password, a blending of air and technology, we shall put as much effort into research as ever in order to become MEIJI as a world-wide top brand, and strive for greater progress through developing new technology satisfying future needs and improving products quality based on our management philosophy “Constructive Creation” “Development Endeavor” by concentrating on accumulated brains and skill through all employees with rich experience.

    MEIJI sincerely hopes that you will give it your increased help and guidance.

    3-14, 2-chome, Tagawa, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan

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