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    About Supplier

    All members of MEDI-CORE are striving to reach a goal 'to become a front runner in medical equipment field' under the belief that 'national competitiveness is company competitive power in international competitive period.' 

    MEDI-CORE has done our best to support superior medical examination and treatment in lots of hospitals with developing medical products such as Infrared Thermogrphic Imaging System, Autonomic Nervous System Analyzer, And centered excellent home and foreign researchers who have good careers, although we? have short history. In addition, we focus on satisfying customers' needs providing rapid A/S, routine follow up of devices and proper education for users. We always invest to develop competitive extraordinary products as well as manufacture the? most suitable device which meet hospital's demands. Furthermore, MEDI-CORE has exported products to Japan, China, South- eastern Asia, the Middle East and Europe markets. 

    We, MEDI-CORE CO.LTD, appreciate your encouragement and support all the time and continuously make an effort to have strong competitive power in manufacturing medical equipment without satisfying this achievement.

    13-8, Baekjegobun-ro 20-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Product List

    Infrared Thermographic Imaging System

    의료용 적외선 촬영장치
    Infrared Thermograph Imaging System
    Portable Thermograph System for Detecting the Influenza Virus

    Heart Rate Variability Analysis System (HRV)

    HRV (Heart Rate Variability)
    심박수계 (HRV)
    심박수계 (HRV)
    SA-3000P, SA-3000NEW
    Body Checker
    Max Pulse
    Smart Pulse

    Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy