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Product Name 중금속 산분해전처리장비
Model MDM-0411/0412/0413
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Catalog Apparatus Heavy Metal Digester for Soil.pdf
Product Description

TMB-12, TMB-20, TMB-40 Automatic sample preparation system for soil


Temperature range : from 45℃~450℃
Minimal sample manipulation
uniform heating
Auto motor driven lift system
20 program of 4 steps for temperature and time
Block made of aluminium DUR-AL alloy
K-type temperature sensor
Can be used digestion tube 100ml and 250ml
Maximum time per step 600 minutes
Digestion capacity 12, 20, 40
Up, Down automatic height by soft one touch system
Since Controller is connected with Main Body by scale, strong against corrosion for strong against fireproof.
Horizontal type Tube Rack can be used conveniently.

The equipment for the determination the acid-soluble parts of metals in sludge sediments and soils.

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