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Product Name Max Series
Model MDM-014 Series
Series Water Purification Systems
Product Description

400(W) x 492(D) x 517(H)mm


20×4 yellow/green backlight LCD : display water quality and temp. in one screen
Can indicating detailed error messages and solutions
Can check pressure of input water and membrane
Buzzer warning : when water quality falls lower than standard
Openable left door for easy filter maintenance
Estimate filter life : display run time & remain life (as %)
Pressure sensor equipped : protect motor when input water cut-off
Auto stop and restart by level sensor
Various model choices by purpose and capacity : 50, 100, 200, 400, 600, 1000ℓ/hr
Clean PVC pipeline system for minimize contamination(optional)

ModelMax Pure 50Max Pure 100Max Pure 200Max Pure 400Max Pure 600Max Pure 800Max Pure 1000
Flow Rate50ℓ/hr100ℓ/hr200ℓ/hr400ℓ/hr600ℓ/hr800ℓ/hr1000ℓ/hr
Water quality displayInput Water (I.W) : 0 ~ 600µs/cm
Pure Water (P.W) : 0 ~ 200µs/cm
Ultra Pure Water (U.W) : 0 ~ 18.2MΩ.cm
Input Temperature (I.T) : 0 ~ 99 °C
DisplayPrefilter, A/C filter, P.W Membrane
Standard FilterGuard Pack, P.W Pack
Optional filterWater softner, 254/185nm UV Lamp, Ion Resin, etc.
FunctionsSystem initializing : Automatic self test when starting
Self protect function :
1. Auto stop and restart by level sensor → Auto/Manual selectable
Mode key function :
1. P.W Purity remain(%)
2. U.W purity remain(%)
3. Buzzer off
Check key function
: Warning when filter purity falls lower than standard
‘Filter replace’ indications
Input water conditionsInput pressure 1~3kgf/cm2, Input temperature 4 ~ 35°C
Power230Vac, 60Hz, 1Kw230Vac, 60Hz, 1.5Kw230Vac, 60Hz, 3Kw230Vac, 60Hz, 4Kw
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