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Product Name Power Distributor Amp
Model MPDU-220
Series Others System
Catalog Equipment Overview & Function.pdf
Product Description

1. Description 
○ This device supplies and distributes power to each equipment.  

○ Once received the power, it can be controlled manually or by remote, can be
    used with 110V and 220V.  

○ Depends on input power, it can be used both 110V/220V simultaneously.  

○ Multiple equipment can be connected through extra terminal. 

○ When used by remote control, place remote switch on Remote with remote
    terminal connection at rear panel. 

○ An aux socket is equipped to use extra power.The front meter confirms output

2. Panel Drawing

Max Digital Tech Power Distributor Amp MPDU-220


3. Specification 

○ General Part
  - Input Power : AC 110V/220V 60Hz  
  - Input Fuse : 20A  
  - Input Switch : Local/Remote 
  -  Output outlet  : 2 tubes connection 110V type,2 tubes connection 20V type 
  - AUX socket :  1circuit 
  - Remote Input Source  : ON / OFF touch 

○ Case Part 
  - Type : 19” Rack Type 
  - Dimensions : 483(W) * 133.5(H) * 300(D) mm

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