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    About Supplier

    MASTECO is one of the most experienced total fire protection companies manufacturing fire protection productssince 1982.We have built our own manufacturing systems to manufacture every fire protection producthardware component by ourselves and to supply fire protection products to customers continuously.

    We began with the first UL Approved FM-200 (HFC-227ea) systems in Korea and we gradually have proceeded to get approvals and certificates such as UL, FM, DOT for sprinklers, fire valves, flexible hoses, and cylinders.

    As a result of constant effort, we have a competitive power supplying the highest quality products to our customers at the lowest possible prices. With global supply chain networks, we have been appearing all over the world and we are also recognized as one of global hidden champions in the fire protection industry.

    We will lead to develop fire protection products including fire suppression systems and will continue to applywhat we learn more about our customer needs and global issues such as technical development, and compromised natural resources.Moreover, we will continuously step forward with product development of cutting edge innovation and prove ourselves worthy of confidence. 

    244, Beotkkot-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Product List


    Flush Pendent (UL)
    Glass Bulb Upright (UL)
    Glass Bulb Pendent (UL)
    Flush Type Sprinkler (KFI)
    Glass Bulb Type (KFI)
    Flush Type Dry Pendent (KFI)
    Glass Bulb Type Dry Pendent (KFI)

    Flexible Sprinkler Hose

    UL Listed


    Alarm Check Valve (UL / FM)
    Alarm Check Valve Flange Type (KFI)
    Alarm Check Valve Grooved Type (KFI)
    Pre-Action (Deluge) Valve (KFI)
    Check Valve (UL / FM)
    Deluge Valve

    Vacuum Sprinkler System

    Vacuum Sprinkler System

    Automatic Fire Extinguisher


    Clean Agent Systems

    HFC-227ea System
    HFC-125 시스템

    소공간 자동소화장치

    HFC-227ea (KFI)
    HFC-125 (KFI)

    Special Agent

    F-500 (UL and KFI)

    Fire Extinguishers (Clean Agent)

    HCFC-123, HFC-236fa

    Foam System

    포소화설비 (폼시스템)