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Product Name Magnetic-Rail-Drilling-Apparatus
Model MDRL-625-RAIL
Series Magswitch-Industry
Product Description


ON/OFF control permanent magnet attached to rail strongly controling vibration and shaking and improving work speed and drill bit life

- Easy and fast setting
- Compact and lightweight design
- Powerful 8.2A Motor
- Adjusting drill height according to drilling position
- Drill bit only for rails supplied
- Cutting fluid supplying apparatus equipped
- Max. Ø30mm hole workable
- Possible to use on various sizes of rails
- Special carrierfor easy distance transportation (backpack)


Size(Excluding Handles)(mm)460H x 330L x 370W
Maximum magnetic force(kgf)500kgf
Input voltage220V~240V, 50~60Hz
Motor power8.2A
No-load rotation speed775rpm
900W Load rotation speed400rpm
Drill stroke90mm
Fixed spindle type3/4" Weldon
Broach cutter(hole cutter)Ø 12~30mm
Drill blade(Twist Drill)Ø 1~13mm

Comparison with existing rail drilling machine

How to work on rails with MagSwitch MagDrill and its working time

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