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  • M Cube Technology

    About Supplier

    Mcube Technology is a specialized medical device company founded in partnership with the both of biomedical engineers specialized in the development of diagnostic & therapeutic medical devices and biomedical engineering researchers in several universities.

    Mcube has been developing the Magnetic Incontinence Therapeutic devices, the Magnetic Nerve Stimulators and the diagnostic 3D ultrasound Bladder Scanners, all of which were new conceptual in urinary diagnostic and therapeutic field, and exporting them more than 30 countries including USA, Europe and Japan as well as domestic market.

    Mcube will become a pioneer in opening up new frontier through the development of new idea-applied medical devices with advanced technology and its systematic clinical studies, and ultimately aims to contribute to the health of human beings through its own accrued technology & capability in the period of an aging and medical welfare society.

    123, Bonghwasan-ro, Jungnang-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Product List

    Bladder Scanner


    Extracorporeal Magnetic Stimulation (E.M.S)



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