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  • LUKEN Technologies

    About Supplier

    We, LUKEN Technologies are specialized in manufacturing and selling LCD, semiconductor equipment and parts under the slogan of Field Management, People Management.

    LUKEN applied a patent for Probe Unit domestically and internationally, set up an adjunct laboratory and its technologies have been widely recognized at home and abroad based on the fact that it was certified as a venture by KIBO, a promising small & medium business and ISO 9001 was acquired since it was established on October, 2007, Currently, LUKEN is constantly growing based on the customers’ trust.

    LCD and semiconductor business have great influence on the domestically related industry as a national key industry. Therefore, it is sure to be a core business driving Korea to the advanced country sooner or later. However, in fact, LCD and semiconductor making equipment and parts are still dependent on foreign technologies compared to other industries.

    LUKEN is trying to improve the nationally poor industrial structure in that it fifty percent of all employees belong to R&D team, a new ideal probe unit was developed based on the customer’s trust and technology under ongoing patent application, an inline scriber was also developed and LCD panel & visual probe unit, a new ideal probe station and a semiconductor probe unit are under development.

    LUKEN puts customer and product quality on top priority, follow rules faithfully, pours passion into the task and creates customer satisfaction by providing products at the lowest price and fastest speed with the best quality that customers need under full service commitment. Nevertheless,

    LUKEN will never stop here and think customers by putting itself in customers’ shoes for the bigger goal all the time.

    94, Jungbu-daero 2670beon-gil, Majang-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Business Equipment

    LCD Checker
    PCB VISION Checker
    Semiconductor Checker
    LED Checker
    OLED Aging 장비
    Array Tester
    점등 JIG 검사기

    Business Unit

    Probe Unit
    Probe Frame
    Micro Stage
    Film Type MEMS Unit
    Pattern Generator
    Probe Card