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    About Supplier

    LS TECH (Laser Solution Technlogy) was established in 2006 based on production of optical communication parts and LED application technology. Based on optical communications and light application parts, and module technology, LS TECH has not only designed and produced parts and modules, but had a variety of laser application solutions and continued to develop them, while focusing on product development and production to meet customer needs.

    LS TECH strives to maintain high-quality production technologies, quick and accurate delivery, competitive prices through cost reduction and satisfying quality standard establishment with a view to constant customer satisfaction. LS TECH assures you that it will grow further through its advanced management, competent people-focused management, technology management and environment management.

    33-3, Cheomdan venture so-ro 38beon-gil, Buk-gu, Gwangju, Korea

    Product List

    Laser Components & Modules

    Pump Combiners (n+1)x1
    Pump Combiners Nx1
    PM Pump & Signal Combiners
    High Power Pump Modules
    LHPS0201, LHPS0203, LHPS0202, LHPS0204, LHPS0601, LHPS0602, LHPS0603, LHPS1801, LHPS1802, LHPS1803, LHPM0701, LHPM0702, LHPM0703, LHPM1901, LHPM1902, LHPM1903
    Signal Beam Combiners
    LSBC-A031, LSBC-A041, LSBC-A061
    High Power Endcaps
    Mode Field Adaptor
    Clad Power Strippers
    High Power Connectors
    High Power Couplers

    Optical Communication Components

    PM Jumper Cords
    Optical Jumper Cords
    Wavelength Division Multiplexer (Optical Couplers)
    Splitter (Optical Couplers)
    Wavelength Independent Couplers (Optical Couplers)
    Multimode Coupler (Optical Couplers)

    Optical Sensing & Its Application Modules

    Fused Couplers
    Fiber Bundles