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  • LNtech

    About Supplier

    LNtech Co. is a company that imports and sells Leak Test System and multi-functional test-related equipment on the basis of the world’s leading engineering technology and latest information, and also manufactures the automated Turnkey system, based on technology already proven and acknowledged.

    LNtech Co. is moving forward as a professional manufacturer that designs and produces flow test, pressure test, and performance test equipment on the basis of its technological know-how.

    LNtech Co. is committed to providing more innovative, reliable and economic Leak, Flow, Function Test methods to our customers through the products and technical information of our import partners, Intertech Development in the US, the world’s leading technology holder, and other import partners from England and Japan.

    LNtech Co. is also making a contribution to the improvement of convenience, economical efficiency, and stability through the import and sales of test system related sensor and standard parts of Fastest Sealing Tool, Seal Pad from the US as well as the development of domestic standardization.

    LNtech Co. is going to do its best to provide efficiency and benefits to your company by increasing the efficiency of equipment investment and focusing on follow-up management via reparing and remodeling of the pre-existing equipment.

    284, Gongdan-ro, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List


    Leak&Flow Teste
    Leak Calibrator & Orifice
    Fastening Machine (NITTO)
    KX Series
    Servo-Press & Robot (JANOME)
    JP Series
    Marking Tool (CMT)
    Thread Verification (NEW VISTA)
    Mass Flow Meter (Leak/Flow Related Accessories)
    50 Series