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    Technology for Human beings Listem Corporation will improve your medical environment

    Listem Corporation, the leading manufacturer in Korean Medical X-ray system, has devoted himself to developing Diagnostic X-ray system since 1960. In the past time, LISTEM was renowned as Dong-A X-ray Ltd., which has been renamed to Listme Corporation in 2000 in order to align itself with the new millennium and the rapid progression of today's technology.
    LISTEM has full lined facilities and technical know-how for X-ray system and has produced 3,000 units of X-ray system a year. Under accumulated technical know-how, and aggressive R&D endeavor, LISTEM provides all kinds of X-ray solutions including state-of-the-arts Digital Radiography system (DRS, UNI-DR) and Digital Radiography system (CLASCAN) as well as other general X-ray systems.

    LISTEM is the only and the first company in Korea having CE mark for X-ray systems. It reflects our technical advance and endeavor for customer's satisfaction in its quality & service. With strong foundation in the local market, LISTEM has exported our products to over 76 countries in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East since their first export to Pakistan in 1979. Recently, all of the staffs in LISTEM are trying their best to be the best of X-ray system in the world.

    Listem Corporation will keep the reputation and pride. 

    94, Donghwagongdan-ro, Munmak-eup, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, Korea

    Product List


    Digital Radiography System (DR)
    Radiography system (R)
    Radiography & Fluoroscopy System (R/F)
    Mobile Radiography System (Mobile)
    MOBIX-1000, DMH-325
    Mobile Radiography & Fluoroscopy System (C-arm)
    Veterinary Radiography System (VET)


    Tube Stand
    X-ray Table
    Bucky Stand
    Detector Stand