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Three Type of Dry Drawing Machinery

A) Dancer arm type:

This machine is built with one hand fixed roller and the other hand moving dancer roller between drawing drum and next dies. This contributes wire accumulation of constant length. There is sensor for dancer roller regulate the wire tension by controlling which of air pressurebetween differential the drum. Principally, dancer arm type machine is suitable for thinner wire drawing.

B) Sensing arm type:

This machine has a sensing roller between the drum and next dies so that the wire passes contacting this roller. There is sensor for roller which regulate the wire tension by controlling of get back tension which has simple structure more advanced than dancer arm type partially. This machines are suitable for thicker wire drawing. 

C) Back pull type

This machine completely meets the requirements for drawing high quality wire as specified without passing guide rollers or pulleys, thus with a minimum of bending and maximun bending radius, The proper aligment of the wire when passing through the wire between the blocks. The back pull, thus comparatively small but quite sufficient to offer the advantages of back pull.

Lee & Lee Machinery Drawing Machine


- Wet,slipping type wire-drawing machines with submerged cones,for steel. wire with low and high carbon content,alloy and stainless steel, galvanized steel, brass coated steel cord and hose-wire, copper coated steel CO2 welding wire.
- Models with 2 or 4 cones,from 9 to 25dies.
- Special models with 2 or 4 wires processed together 

- Driven by D.C. motor or A.C motors with frequency control, power from 22 to 90kw 

- Production speed up to 25m / sec

Lee & Lee Machinery Drawing Machine  1


- This Machiney is suitable C.H.Q, P.C stenless steel and special alloy steel wire plant.

- Drawing for big size wire diameter from 5,5 to 50 mmcp

Lee & Lee Machinery Drawing Machine  2


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