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    LASEROPTEK kicked off its business by hiring the world’s most brilliant minds, who then started off building semiconductors, industrial CO2 lasers and laser heads for industrial use. Not only that, these brilliant technicians developed new laser technology and patented many of their inventions. They eventually began to harness the power of lasers for aesthetic use and developed HELIOS and LOTUS, which received FDA approval in 2009, LASEROPTEK experienced a quantum leap in its growth only in decade after its establishment.

    LASEROPTEK further went on to win award after for different lasers and business accolades, and outbid its larger competitors in laser industry to receive over 4 different grants and investments from various government agencies; the most recent one values over $6.2 million, which was invested to develop the picosecond laser.

    LASEROPTEK was founded on R&D and that is where it outperforms its competitors. The dedication to R&D has put LASEROPTEK years ahead of the industry; in fact, LASEROPTEK was the very first in the world to develop the UV laser in the 311n, wavelength, and doctors and hospitals are eagerly waiting for its release.

    31, Galmachi-ro 244beon-gil, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List


    PicoLO Nd: YAG Laser
    HELIOS Ⅲ Nd: YAG Laser
    HELIOS Ⅱ Nd: YAG Laser
    LOTUS Ⅲ ER: YAG Laser
    LOTUS Ⅱ ER: YAG Laser
    ZELOS Alexandrite Laser
    PALLAS UV Laser