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  • Kyung Nong

    About Supplier

    Our company is for the sake of development that always all customers products of want, every employee strives to do their best. 'Kyeong Nong Hi-Tech' consists of excellent talented people with lots of experience. Our compnay starts from production and is fully responsible for the launch and field facilities. Our company was assist customers beyond the desired needs.

    Think about it from the standpoint of the customer! More reliable quality and oustanding design! Our comapny will realize customer satisfaction through product production leading to superior performance.

    By steadfast believe and support our compnay will reward customer with a better product. So, our compnay will promise customers future.

    857-66, Geumsong-ro, Cheongtong-myeon, Yeongcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

    Product List


    Speed Sprayer
    Wheeled Walking Power Carrier
    KNS2000, KNS2000S, KNS2000DL
    KNS60K, KNS90K
    Red Pepper Washing Machine
    KNS250K, KNS350K
    Power Transport Carrier
    Cold Storage House
    KNS-100, KNS-220, KNS-320
    Agro-fishery Products Dryer
    KNS60A, KNS80, KNS80A, KNS120A, KNS240A, KNS520S