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  • Kyung In Machinery

    About Supplier

    Kyung In Machinery was incorporated in 1975 to start manufacturing of cooling tower. Kyung In Machinery provides total cooling tower services from development, production to installation with our independent technology.

    Strong customer oriented organization with decades of experience on site as well as R&D, designing, and on-site engineering. Also designing program equipped with 3D-CAD and simulation, cutting edge information network provides optimized engineering to customers’ needs. Manufacturing, testing and inspection with FRP injection manufacturing equipment, the largest automatic molding machine, wind tunnel testing equipment, cooling tower performance testing equipment! Kyung In Machinery highly invests in facilities for automated and fast manufacturing process. Especially, Kyung In Machinery has been focusing on research and development based on cooling tower research institution having more than 40 patents! Its unique technologies are recognized in the industry and numbers of entities are visiting from all over the world to inherit the know-how and technology.

    Comfortable lifestyle and clean life that everyone dreams about. Reliable cooling tower that leads our industry and our life from shades. Kyung In Machinery has been leading cooling tower market with unique technology. Now, beyond Korean market, Kyung In Machinery shall become leader of the world.

    인천 중구 항동7가 53-1

    Product List


    Enclosed Type
    CKL Serise
    Open Type
    EX/MEX-Serise, Eco-Dyna-Serise
    Plume Abatement Type
    nPKL, PKL
    Counterflow Type


    Wet Type
    Plume Abatement Type