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Product Name Design
Series Metal Seated Ball Valve
Product Description

• ANSI B16.34, BS5351, ASMEⅢ
Standard Range : 1/2" -16" CLASS 150LB - 2500LB

• FACE TO FACE : ANSI B16.10 or to Customers special requirements.
• END CONNECTIONS : Flanged, Socket Weld, Butt Weld, Screwed, 
                                           Hub, or to suit Customers requirements.
• Bubble tight bi-directional metal in metal sealing
• Anti-Blowout Stem
• Anti-Static Design
• Spring loaded seats leading to bubble tight sealing at low pressure,
   freedom from jamming at high temperatures and cavity relief via downstream seat.
• Trunnion mounted and floating ball design
• Full and reduced regular , v-port versions.
• Segment , Eccestric ball design. 

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