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Product Name
Model KCP Series
Series Kiosk Card Encoder & Printer
Product Description

Kiosk Card Encode and Monochrome Print Machine



• Card Issuing Machine with Monochrome Thermal Printer
– KCP-1000: Single stacker/cartridge type dispenser : max. 500 card capacity
– KCP-2000 : Dual stacker/cartridge type dispenser : max. 1,000 card capacity
– KCP -4000 : Quadruple stacker/cartridge type dispenser : max. 2,000 card capacity
– Hybrid card reader/writer for MS, IC and RF
– Monochrome thermal printer (thermal transfer)
– Error card capture function included
• Up to 4 different card issuing and printing are available (KCP-4000)
• High speed card printing : Up to 600 cards per hour
• Reliable and durable design for industrial use as a mass production
• RS-232C or USB interface

KYTronics  KCP Series

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