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  • KYTronics


    About Supplier

    KYTronics established in 1998, have been dedicated to the research and development of AUTO ID products and Electronic Payment products to meet customers' and clients' market needs ,which are ever changing and growing.

    The products and services are mostly based on , Smart card, Magnetic card and Contactless Smart card technologies as well as Card Issuing Machine. Operating in near Seoul ,Korea , we have been expanding our marketing areas to the global scale , and meeting clients face-to-face to share each other's views and to provide time-saving support.

    Wishing that both clients and KYTronics may become winner in the global market.

    144, Gwangdeok 4-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Card Reader / Writer

    KYX-7700 Series
    KYX-7300 Series
    KYX-1000 Series
    KYX-6000 Series
    KYX-3000 Series
    KSX-3000 Series
    KYX-7400 Series
    KYX-7200 Series

    Card Dispenser

    KSC-2100 Series
    KYX-2700 Series
    KYX-2300 Series
    KYT-4600 Series
    KHT-2600 Series
    KYT-2600 Series
    KYT-2000 Series
    KHT-2500 Series
    KHX-2100 Series
    KHT-2300 Series
    KHT-2200 Series
    KYX-2500 Series
    KYX-2200 Series
    KYX-2100 Series
    KSC-2000 Series
    KSC-2300 Series

    Card Collector

    CMT-1110 Series
    CMX-10xx Series
    CMT-2200 Series

    Card Issuing Machine & Collecting Machine

    Card Issuing Machine
    KSC-5600 Series
    Card Issuing Machine
    CSC-2800 Series
    Card Issuing Machine
    CIM/CCM-9900 Series
    Card Issuing Machine
    CIM/CCM-8000 Series
    Card Issuing Machine
    CIM-6000 Series
    Card Issuing Machine
    KYT-5000 Series
    Card Collecting Machine
    CCM-4000 Series
    Card Issuing Machine
    CIM-2000 Series
    Card Issuing Machine
    CHR-1000 Series
    Card Issuing Machine
    CIM-7000 Series
    Card Issuing Machine
    Card Collecting Machine
    CCM-1000 Series
    Card Issuing Machine
    CIM-1000/1800 Series
    Card Collecting Machine
    CCM-2000 Series
    Card Issuing & Collecting Machine
    CDC-1000 Series

    Card Issuing Station

    Single Cartridge Type
    CIS-2000 Series
    Single Stacker Type
    CIS-1000 Series
    Dual Cartridge Type
    CIS-4000 Series

    Barcode Card Reader & Dispenser & Issuing Station

    Barcode Card Reader
    BYT-1000 Series
    Barcode Card Dispenser
    BHX-2200 Series
    Barcode Card Issuing Station
    BIS-1000 Series

    Thermal Rewritable Printer Module

    KYP-1000 Series
    KYP-6000 Series
    CIP-1800/ CHP-1800 Series
    KYP-5000 Series
    CIP-8000 Series

    Kiosk Card Encoder & Printer

    CCP Series
    KCP Series
    CPS Series

    Ticket Issuing Machine / Accounting Machine

    Ticket Issuing Machine
    CIM-3800 Series
    Ticket Accounting Machine
    TAM-3000 Series
    Ticket Issuing Machine
    TIM-1000 Series
    Ticket Issuing Machine
    TIM-3000 Series
    Ticket Accounting Machine
    TAM-1000 Series