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    About Supplier

    71, Hogupo-ro 14beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea

    Product List

    Flexible / Roller Carpet / Portable Horizontal Belt CONVEYOR

    Work Table Belt Conveyor
    KTBC 200-1
    Portable Horizontal Belt Conveyor
    KBC 200-1 Series
    Flexible Conveyor
    KFC-200 / KSC-200
    Horizontal Roller Conveyor
    Horizontal Conveyor
    KBSC 200-1 Series
    Roller Carpet

    Chip / Inclined / Portable Loading & Unloading Conveyor

    Portable Loading / Unloading Conveyor
    KPC 400 Series
    Portable Loading / Unloading Conveyor
    KPC 300-1 Series
    Portable Loading / Unloading Conveyor
    KPC 300-2 Series
    Inclined Conveyor (For Stairs)
    Chip Conveyor
    Loading / Unloading Conveyor
    KPC 500B S / KPC 500B
    Inclined Wood Conveyor (For Stairs)

    Chip / Stair / Portable Loading & Unloading Conveyor

    Loading / Unloading Lift Conveyor
    KTLC 200 Series

    Round / Sand / Nonferrous Conveyor

    비철 선별용 컨베이어
    KMGC 300
    90˚ Round Belt Conveyor
    KRBC 90
    2 Lane Belt Conveyor
    3 Lane Belt Conveyor
    90˚ Round Roller Conveyor
    KRRC 90

    Table Lift

    Table Lift
    KTL Series

    Custom Order Conveyor

    사출용 컨베이어
    KLRC 100
    Free Roller Conveyor
    Mesh Conveyor
    KMC 200
    Nonferrous Metal Sorting Conveyor
    KMGC 300
    Loading / Unloading Speical Conveyor
    KBC 300
    SLAT Conveyor
    Package Feeding Conveyor