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  • Kyeongdong

    About Supplier

    Kyeongdong Industrial Machinery has manufactured hoist cranes over the last 30 years since the company was started in 1981 as Based on time-honored experiences and technology, we produce hundreds of cranes and deliver for the domestic markets every year. We also export dozens of cranes to other countries including India, Indonesia and Mexico.

    Cranes are used for transporting materials, products and other heavy objects at factories, ports, warehouses, power plants and construction sites as well as for assembling machinery. Once installed, they will help save costs in terms of maintenance when compared with forklifts and other heavy-weight transportation systems.

    Our factory can manufacture and produce all kinds of cranes including overhead cranes, gantry cranes and jib cranes. We are confident that the company is the largest local crane manufacturer equipped with facilities, a factory site and technology for making not only the cranes with a span of 50m but also the cranes whose tonnage ranges from lower level and up to 100 ~ 200 tons.

    Based on the management policy "Where there are good products, there are always customers." we have localized all the raw materials and subsidiary materials. If materials whose strength and processing technology at lower grades are used for cranes, critical flaws and defects could be caused. Taking into consideration that they are directly linked to safety, we have used top-quality materials supplied from POSCO, Hyundai Steel and Miju Steel even thought they are expensive. Using those materials, we have produced, with our heart and soul, high-quality and flawless cranes that are precise and accurate.

    In addition, we have maintained business relationship with our clients for whom cranes have been installed, not just for one-time contract, by completely satisfying them through providing prompt and accurate after-sales services.

    Since we developed a winding machine for the wire of hoist cranes on our own and acquired a patent for it in 2007, we applied it actually for the companies for which cranes have been installed. With continuous R&D efforts by our design department, we have continuously investmented for improving quality.

    As industrialization gets wider in scope and economy grows, the work volume increases at the production sites, and the level of risk gets higher accordingly. It is necessary to have ultimate production facilities that are durable and safe that can minimize risk factors.

    While pursing continuous quality improvement, cost saving and zero customer complaints (0%), we will put in our best efforts to make the company as a leader in the industry, and also to make the cranes, manufactured under the company name as the best company home and abroad.

    We promise to do our best to satisfy our customers always

    461, Geumbak-ro Jillyang-eup, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

    Product List


    Double rail type wire rope hoist
    Wire rope hoist - Features / How to select a type
    Main & Aux type Explosion-proof wire rope hoist
    Low head type wire rope hoist
    Main & aux type wire rope hoist
    Low head type Explosion-proof wire rope hoist
    CEO hoist - How to select a type
    Mono rail type wire rope hoist
    Motor driven trolley type Chain hoist
    CM Type
    Large capacity chain hoist type Chain hoist
    CS/CM/CG Type
    Double lowhead type wire rope hoist
    Hook suspension type Chain hoist
    CS Type
    CEO hoist
    Explosion-proof wire rope hoist - Features / How to select a type
    Double rail type Explosion-proof wire rope hoist
    Chain economic type Chain hoist
    Mono rail type Explosion-proof wire rope hoist
    Chain hoist - Features / How to select a type
    Geared & Plain trolley type Chain hoist
    CG/CP Type


    Mono-rail hoist crane
    Suspension hoist crane
    Double girder semi gantry hoist crane
    Jib hoist crane
    Single girder semi gantry hoist crane
    Single girder hoist crane
    Crab hoist crane
    Double girder hoist crane
    Single girder gantry hoist crane
    Double girder gantry hoist crane