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    About Supplier

    We started making a vehicle for farm work in 1976 and since then we have taken the lead in making agricultural machine, which is essential in farm villages, for a long time.

    In particular, our company is developing a sorter and peeling machine (peeling and washing) necessary for the production of chest nut, ginkgo, walnut and jujube, which are the special regional products of Kongju area as well as chest nut collector and chestnut bur peeling machine.

    We have all processing facilities for the purpose of developing many agricultural machine, which is helpful for farm work, and all of our employees are united and making their utmost efforts.

    In addition, our aim is to make a quality and strong farm machine which does not require after service. We will make our utmost efforts to make agricultural machine such as lighting device (warning light) that keeps the property and life of farmers and improves convenience and health of users and machine that is essential for eco-friendly agriculture and can reduce labor input and production cost.

    232, Geumgwang-ro, Iin-myeon, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

    Product List

    Agricultural Machine

    Warning Light
    Seed Awning Sorter
    MD600 / Auto600
    Semi-Automatic Hot Water Sterilizer
    Hoist–113A / Hoist–113B
    Forklift-type Hot Water Sterilizer
    Forklift–1600B / Forklift–2500
    Auto Hot Water Sterilizer
    Auto–250A / Auto–250B
    Manual Hot Water Sterilizer
    Manual–313A / Manual–313B
    Large Germinator
    MD1600 / MD2500
    MD600A / MD900
    Automatic Seedling Machine for Broadcast Seedling Nursery
    Automatic Seedling Machine for Broadcast Seedling Nursery
    Automatic Seedling Machine for Broadcast Seedling Nursery
    Seedling Box Supplier
    Insecticide / Manure Distributor : Seedling Box Insecticide Distributor
    Seedling Box Carrier
    KP / C Series
    KP Series
    Chestnut Bur Peeling Machine
    KP-6630 / KP-6620
    Peeling Machine (Peeling and Washing)
    KP Series
    JY 270-500
    Deep Plowing Rotary
    HK1200 / HK2000
    Collection Box for Used Pesticide Container