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  • Kukil Inntot

    Kukil Inntot

    About Supplier

    Since 1982, our company has established the Gasket manufacturing industry and has been growing as an enterprise with our emphasis on human and future environment.

    We would like to stay by your side for a long time focusing on improving environment, which has gotten much worse over the years. We do our best to think in the position of our customer’s situation and try the best to serve for our customer.

    Not only our company has been growing fast due to our accumulated technology and experiences, which has been the main basis of our company, but also among the competition of quality and price war, we have developing high competitive power among the fierce global market.

    In order to take off as a world enterprise, we will continuously invest on R&D and improve quality based on responsible business to grow as leading enterprise in environment industry.

    17, Tapgeol-gil, Ungchon-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Korea

    Product List


    Ring Joint Gasket
    Serrated Metal Gasket
    Flat Metal Gasket
    Metal Tube O-ring
    Hiflex Metal Gasket
    Hiflex G Series
    Spiral Wound Gasket
    Double Jacketed Gasket
    Steel Rubber Gasket
    Graphite Gasket
    PTFE Sheet Gasket
    K/# EB-EP
    Non-Asbestos Sheet Gasket
    Rubber Gasket
    Pressure Seal Gasket
    Insulation Kit
    KINS Series
    VOC Mold Packing
    VOC Mold Packing
    VOC Mold Packing
    K/#101 Series
    Rubber Pad Shoes & Strap
    Cleaning System
    장착 방법
    Metal Gasket
    Seml Metal Gasket
    Sheet Gasket
    Insulation Kit


    VOC Packing
    Braid Packing


    환봉지지 결합형 연결구
    BTL 스텐 밴드
    분기관 연결구
    보수용 클램프
    KRC Series
    중압용 커플링
    노-허브 커플링
    KIC Joint Coupling
    KIC-T Joint Coupling
    Pipe Repair Clamps
    Medium Pressure Pipe Couplings
    No-hub Coupling
    Rubber Pad Shoes & Strap

    Cleaning System

    Cleaning System