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Kukdong Elecom Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 and has been doing its business successfully as one of the best associate companies in cooperation with the global shipbuilders at home and abroad through the development and production of lighting products for ships during last 20 years.
We have the good market share with competitive power when it comes to the illumination or lighting field for new ships upgrading a new growth in the lighting for offshore plants as well as LED lighting for ground and marine field.
On the occasion of the 20th anniversary (2012) of the company's foundation, Kukdong Elecom is determined to play a leading role as a leading company of KDgroup for the 2nd take off as a global company.

Kukdong Elecom and the subsidiary company KESKOM of KDgroup in Korea satisfy the requirements of shipyards in Europe, America, Japan and Korea as well as the marine related organizations and construction related institutions.
In China, Kukdong Elecome-Dailan, Kukdong Techway-Dalian, Kukdong Trading-Dalian, Kukdong Elecom-Changexingdao Outfitting and Kukdong Elecom-Changxingdao Electric company will create new customers' demand for three provinces of North-East China and even Russia.
Although we are a small local group located in North-East Asia today, we expect to be grown up as a global group for tomorrow.

The core business area of KDgroup is focused on Electricity, Energy and Eco-friendly as can be seen in the company's character "e3" to develop the safety product in the world for lighting, electricity, light source and eco-friendly items.

KDgroup R&D center has successfully developed ship related products, offshore products, night surveillance system and new products for future growth engine program, etc. as a result of concentrating on development of the new technology with the in-depth source technology based on such high technology for waterproof, fireproof, dust-proof and heat-resistance as lighting for ships we have accumulated for long time including the excellent R&D manpower and the latest research facilities.
We also operate the production line with the technical development for lighting products using LED light source which are in the spotlight as an eco-friendly light source throughout the world while preparing for another technical development for the next generation light source.

KDgroup shared the management creed under the group's slogan 'Make the creative light beyond just making the light' in order to accomplish the mission so called 'Create the light good for 'People' and 'Nature'.

KDgroup members commit themselves to the KDgroup's management philosophy so called 'Sustainability Management' to create the value added for 'Customer Satisfaction', 'Self-realization of the Group members' and 'those who are economically, socially and environmentally concerned' to provide the quality service and production through the cutting edge technology and knowledge management system.
As a result, the group is aimed at accomplishing the vision naming 'Leading Enterprise for Creative Lighting'.

KDgroup will make more progress based on 'continuous analysis on the customer requirements', 'continuous R&D investment' and 'mutual cooperation with associate companies' to be a 'bright company' to help enhance he quality of life while contributing to the nation's economy, so that the group will be survived even after 100 years.
KDgroup is committed to the 'best sincerity' expecting the 'great top'


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