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  • KSL

    About Supplier

    Co., Ltd. is a company to produce the newest materials of WELDED METAL BELLOWS, VACCUM COMPONENTS, and MECHANICAL SEAL.

    In particular, WELDED METAL BELLOWS is approved its best technical power by National administrator, and so it shows excellent durability in high-vacuum condition that it used in plants handling semi-conductor, petrochemistry, vacuum devices, and electric power, etc.

    KSL Co., Ltd has materilizes customer satisfaction with continuous technology development.

    609, Ungchon-ro, Ungchon-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Korea

    Product List

    Metal Bellows Seals

    MBS Type
    HBS Type
    FBS Type
    GCS Type

    Screw Vacuum Pump

    MCS Type
    MBV Type

    Pusher Seals

    K1A Type
    K1B Type
    K2A Type
    K2B Type
    K3B Type
    K4W Type
    K5A Type
    SDU Type
    SDB Type
    L1A Type
    L1B Type
    L1C Type
    L2B Type
    L3A Type
    L4B Type
    L5B Type
    LWS Type
    SLWS Type
    TBS Type

    Cartridge Seals

    SBS Type
    DBS Type
    TDB Type
    ABS Type
    KSM Type
    KSD Type
    DMS Type
    KSB Type
    KSQ Type

    Agitator Seals

    KSL-100 Type
    KSL-200 Type
    KSL-300 Type


    SP 1 Type
    SP 2 Type