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  • KS Engineering

    KS Engineering

    About Supplier

    KS Corporation is established in Korea as an independent corporation of SANEI SEIKI Seisakusho Ltd.

    who has been a technical manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic machinery in Japan since 1947.

    Our products are Air Hoist, Air Winch, Air Balancer, Air Motor and the others in which the specialty of air or hydraulic pressure is.

    The machinery is designed and manufactured with respective qualities, and offered to various fields as Shipbuilding, Machining, Manufacturing, Chemical Plant, Oil Refinery, Mining, Construction, Automobile, Steel, and many other industries.

    Along with our best effort on quality and service, KS Corporation’s products have satisfied not only domestic but also overseas users.

    Besides, we are trying to offer our new technical product including its originality and unique idea, keeping up with new age.

    Without old obsolete remains, all of our staffs are building the system such as “3S” to adapt ourselves to the change of world and to meet the needs of the times. 

    228, Gurodong-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Product List


    Air Hoist
    Air Motor
    Air Winch
    Air Balancer
    Air Mixer