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  • KRSE

    About Supplier

    KRSE has specialized in the development & production of radioactive substance handling equipments since its inception in 1993.

    It has gained a reputation as a reliable supplier, especially in the field of hot cells of producing RI, manipulators for remote handling of RI, and transportation casks for radioactive substance.

    In addition, KRSE has got high competitiveness in the components for turbines and generators. It has supplied the end shield parts of generators such as oil deflectors, hydrogen seal casing to GE, Toshiba, and other global companies.

    KRSE also provides the nonferrous metal castings such as aluminum alloy and super heat-resisting steel casting for Automobile parts.

    KRSE promises to help you succeed by giving you what you need.


    47, Gongdan 8-ro 26-gil, Jillyang-eup, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

    Product List

    Radioactive Substance Handling Equipments

    Hot cell & Manipulator
    LLW/ILW Package & Lead Shield Door
    Cask & Decontamination equipments

    Steam Turbine/Generator Parts for Power Plant

    Oil deflector
    H₂ seal casing
    Packing ring

    Automobile Parts

    Super heat-resisting steel castings for turbo charger
    AL Alloy Castings
    Industrial parts
    Defense parts