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    Made in Austria
    Kraus & Naimer is a worldwide corporation with headquarters in Vienna (Austria), operating 6 production sites as well as 18 sales companies. The specialization lies within the switchgear technology.
    Since the beginning of 1907, our strategy has been Innovation and Customer Service. Over the years, we have evolved as the undisputed market leader for cam switches and have established the standards for switch disconnectors.

    We initiate many innovation ideas in the field of electrical engineering. The high degree of vertical integration, lightweight design of the products, many years of know-how, worldwide certifications and flexible solutions due to the unique modular system are characteristics that make us stand out in the industry. Based on numerous patents, the existing product line encompasses the global market place and offers technically and economically optimized solutions for virtually every application imaginable. 

    Schumanngasse 39 1180 Vienna

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